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Natural Resources

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Assessment Graph

Pre-test survey count: 13
Post-test survey count: 10

QUEST Assessment Questions

  • Questioning: I understand the scientific inquiry process.
  • Understanding: I am able to take information, compare it and come to conclusions.
  • Employability: I am prepared to be a capable, responsible employee who communicates well with my employer.
  • Safety: Being safe, taking care of others, and using equipment properly is important to me.
  • Terracognita: I know about the natural world and I want to take care it.

Pre-Course Comments

  • I am excited to learn more about natural resources!
  • none
  • i love music and i do have comunication esuse. talk to my mom to descuse further stuff with here
  • I marvel our natural world
  • this is an important class

Post-Course Comments

  • I really enjoyed this class!!
  • I hada good time this year in the class I will be taking it agien next year ( I am victor )

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