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Baseline Data Assignment

If we do not know how things are in the present, how can we tell if things have changed in the future?

Through this assignment, you will (a) summarize and report to class on a research project that is happening in the Elwha watershed, (b) collect baseline inventory data on plants and wildlife to assess the status of resources in the Elwha watershed, and (c) Explain the 'how' and 'why' of the river otter and seabird surveys we conduct.

For Your Resume Relevant Nat. Res. Jobs QUEST Skill(s) Practiced QUEST Skill(s) Graded
Collected data on plants and wildlife as part of Elwha Restoration Project Field Technician, Researcher Q4, U2, S3, S4, S1, T3 T3, S1

Part 1. Elwha Research Summaries (in classroom or field):

Read your assigned research article from the list below.

Do the following in your journal or on video: in your own words, write 10 or more sentence fact-based summary of the article you read. Include information from each section of the article and give the reader an overall idea of the research project. Relate to map-based point. Plot and enter into Hot Topic's database.

Part 2: River Otter Data Collection (in field):

Work with Kim Sager-Fradkin, Elwha Tribe Wildlife Biologist, to learn about wildlife monitoring in the Elwha River basin.

In your journal, explain the river otter baseline data collection project including the 'how' and 'why.'

Part 3. Marine Data Collection - COASST, Marine Debris and Kelp Rocks (in field):


In order to learn COASST Survey protocols, we will watch presentations from COASST Coordinator Janet Lamont on the COASST Program, COASST Field Guide, and COASST Data Sheet. Challenge yourself by taking the COASST Quiz. Then, we will collect data at West Elwha River Mouth and Freshwater Bay beaches.

For more resources, visit: What is COASST? and COASST Protocols.

Marine Debris:

We will watch a presentation about Marine Debris. This will set us up to do Marine Debris Data Collection at East and West Elwha beaches.

For more resources, visit: Marine Debris Overview and Coastal Clean-Up.

Kelp Rocks:

We will also watch a presentation from researcher Ian Miller about Kelp Clast Transport which includes the Kelp on the Move Video. You may also refer to a Student-created Kelp Rock Presentation. Review the Kelp Rock Procedures and Kelp Rock Data Sheet. We will collect data at West Elwha River and Freshwater Bay beaches.

In your journal, explain the COASST survey, Marine Debris, and Kelp Clast Transport baseline data collection projects including the 'how' and 'why.'

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