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Weed Pull Design Assignment

From a restoration perspective, some plants are bad because they disrupt natural cycles. These are known as non-native, noxious plants or weeds.

Through this assignment, you will . . .

  • Identify areas where noxious weeds will be removed.
  • Develop a plan to reduce the impact of invasive plant species.
  • Implement a plan to reduce the impact of invasive plant species.
For Your Resume Relevant Nat. Res. Jobs QUEST Skill(s) Practiced QUEST Skill(s) Graded
Volunteer Service: Olympic National Park; Designed and implemented noxious weed removal plan Invasive Plant Removal Q2, U2, S3, S4 Q2

Part 1. Invasive Plant Presentation and Scouting (in classroom and/or field):

Olympic National Park Plant Restoration Specialist will lead the class on a plant identification tour of the Aldwell basin.

In your journal, please continue your species list of all plants identified (include common name, habitat, and a sketch or note to help you remember the plant).

Part 2. Weed Pull Design (in classroom and/or field):

Design a weed pull plan to implement in the field on Friday. Use the docWeedPullDesignQ2.doc to document your plan.

Part 3: Weed Pull Service Project (in field):

Jill Zarzeczny leads invasive plant removal project at the Elwha Campground. 

While working, groups will produce an invasive plant removal song.

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