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North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center
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Natural Resources

North Olympic Peninsula Skills Center

Cultural and Natural Resources 1

This two semester class meets after lunch and provides thorough overviews of regional ecosystems, human history and career opportunities.

Natural Resources Options

These hands-on classes have specific areas of focus and meet at many locations across the North Olympic Peninsula. 

Natural Resources 2 Internships

Internships with professionals are available for students who successfully complete a Natural Resources class.  Often, students receive pay or scholarships.

Other Natural Resources Classes

There are other Natural Resources classes happening, including summer school and partnerships with other organizations.

We offer project-based classes to high school-aged youth (up to 21 years old without a diploma) across the North Olympic Peninsula. All classes include hands-on field work, offer high school and college credit, and help students transition to internship, college or career.
Program Mission: Provide students with hands-on, relevant natural and cultural resources knowledge, skills and experience that meets the needs of individual students and North Olympic Peninsula communities.
Program Vision: Provide a pathway including preparatory classes and internships that lead to natural resource jobs and post-secondary education for students in all five NOPSC consortium districts.

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